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Water is a universal solvent and it is impossible to survive without it. We cannot imagine our lives without water but what if the water you are consuming is contaminated, dirty, not germ-free?

We need water in our day to day to activities whether it is for domestic or industrial purpose, water is utmost important for survival. All the households and industries use water tanks to store water for potable drinking water, to carry out daily household activities like – cooking, washing, etc., smoothly, to carry out industrial operations without any disruptions. Thus, it is important that the water we use is clean and free from all the germs and one of the ways to make this sure is that your water tank is 100% clean and disinfected.

1. Waterborne internal diseases

Not getting your water tanks cleaned for a long time will make the water in it gets contaminated by many bacteria or virus as lot of dirt, fungus, bacteria gets deposited in the tank which can make you and your family fall sick. Knowingly or unknowingly you will be consuming that contaminated water which will lead to several waterborne internal diseases like – diarrhea, typhoid and cholera. Also, if by mistake you leave the tank lid open, it will attract mosquitoes to breed there which in turn can cause malaria if you consume that water.

2. Skin diseases

Not just waterborne diseases but uncleaned water tank leading to contamination of water can cause various harmful skin diseases to you. You do not use the water just for drinking but also use it for bathing, food preparation, washing dishes and clothes, house cleaning, etc. As much as your body comes in contact with contaminated water containing harmful toxic and germs, there are high chances for you to get skin diseases or if you have a sensitive skin, it may cause some allergic reactions too.

3. Foul odor

If you do not get your water tank cleaned once in every 6 months, it will lead to deposition of dirt, residue, sediments. As a result, the water you’ll use supplied from the tank will have bad smell as all these dirt will be mixed in it.

4. Bad taste

Although, water is tasteless, the deposition of sludge, dirt can make the taste of water really bad which will be hard to drink. Thus, water tank cleaning is necessary to keep yourself and your family’s health safe.

Steps Before Cleaning Your Tank

Stalwart Facility Management Team have well-trained and experienced team of Professional Water Tank Cleaners who provide professional and safe cleaning and disinfection for different types of tanks. Utilizing specialist cleaning equipment, we are able to quickly clean and disinfect tanks and refill for use. A full inspection report with photographs is provided detailing any problems associated with the tank and a work completion certificate with before and after photographs is provided upon completion.

Steps After Cleaning Your Tank

We have teams of specialists with relevant Municipal approvals for water tank cleaning and disinfection services. Our professional services are further supported by Team EHS; where work quality assurance, safety requirements and water quality analyses are carried out under the expert supervision of environmental experts at EHS Management Consultants.

Products we use comply with public health and environmental standards. We use most sophisticated ULV treatments to guarantee sterile (Bio-contaminant free water tanks). Treatments are carried out considering all site specific environmental and safety guidelines. Selections of disinfectants are carried out considering any health implication and environmental persistence. Post cleaning water samples are collected and analyzed at accredited laboratories as a part of our quality assurance program.

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