The water stored in tanks, which we use for cooking, bathing, drinking, washing, deteriorates due to algae, weather changes, pollution, insects and many other factors and causes various types of infections, which is why it is necessary to clean your water tanks regularly. If you are in the look for the best water tank cleaning services in Muscat, Stalwart FM – one of the leading facility management companies in Oman can be right choice. We provide tank cleaning, sump cleaning and overhead tank cleaning services and disinfection in Muscat that help in reducing chronic diseases, skin allergies and various other health problems that are caused by intake of impure water and the same has been observed by the World Health Organization. Our services include water tank cleaning, top tank cleaning, underground tank cleaning, pool cleaning and their disinfections also.


You may be wondering why water tank cleaning is important for our healthy living. This is because:

  • A major cause of illnesses in mankind is contaminated water
  • Potential breeding place of harmful bacteria
  • The catchment area of debris from the main supply line
  • Attracts algae growth
  • Safe water can prevent diseases like cholera, typhoid, diarrhea, hepatitis, etc.

Products that we use for tank disinfection fully comply with Public Health and Environmental Standards. We use the most sophisticated ULV treatments to guarantee sterile (Bio-contaminant-free water tanks). Treatments are carried out considering all site-specific environmental and safety guidelines. Selections of disinfectants are carried out considering any health implications and environmental persistence. Post cleaning water samples are collected and analyzed at accredited laboratories as a part of our quality assurance program. Contact Stalwart FM LLC for comprehensive water tank, sump and overhead tank management including cleaning and maintenance service in Muscat, Oman.


We believe in better service delivery and customer satisfaction to adopt a customer-centric approach. We are constantly in touch with the emerging state-of-the-art technologies and innovations. We welcome customer feedback and suggestions. And if you are in the look for pest control services, space disinfection services, heat cool pump repairs, etc. in Muscat, Stalwart FM is ready to help you.