How to get rid of mosquitos


Are mosquitos being a problem?
Mosquito can be a mild issue at any time of year. Aedes aegypti mosquito is the primary species responsible for transmitting viruses such causing itchy red bumps and are capable of transferring serious diseases such as Zika, dengue and chikungunya, among other viral diseases more within the Oman.

Get rid of mosquito bites
In order to stay bite and itch-free, make sure to eliminate any areas of standing water around the property, such as flowerpots, birdbaths and grill covers, as these are ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Females lay their eggs inside items that can hold as little as a half inch of water, which means something as small as a bottle cap can hold enough water for larvae to develop!

Homeowners should also screen all windows and doors, repairing even the smallest hole.
Additionally, many mosquito species are most active during dusk and dawn, so minimize time spent outside during these times. When outdoors, wear long pants and sleeves when possible and be sure to apply insect repellent like oil of lemon Or eucalyptus. Although it may seem simple, there actually is a right and a wrong way to apply insect repellent.

To help in the fight against mosquitoes and vector disease transmission, the Stalwart facilities Management Pest Control Team is sharing these timely prevention and protection tips:

Backyard Prevention from Mosquitos:
* Eliminate all areas of standing water found around the property at least once a week
* Screen all windows and doors and keep gutters free flowing
* If you have a mosquito problem, contact a licensed pest control professional(Stalwart FM pest control)

Personal Protection from Mosquitos:
* Wear long pants and sleeves outdoors to limit exposure to insects
* Avoid wearing dark colors, floral prints and sweet-smelling perfumes and colognes while outside
* Properly apply insect repellent like oil of lemon or eucalyptus.

Follow label instructions. If you experience an adverse reaction after being bitten by a mosquito, see your health care provider immediately.

If mosquito populations are out of control on your property, contact Stalwart FM pest control professional to effectively deal with the problem. For more information on the dangers associated with mosquitoes and how to protect against them, visit our pest control page.

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