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Various sediments build inside the water tanks and are capable of contaminating our water supply and harming our health. Even though the modern storage units are covered, dirt and fungus can still get deposited, making water tank disinfection more of a necessity than a luxury. It is recommended to clean and disinfect water tanks at least twice a year. Unfortunately, it has become one of the most overlooked cleaning procedures today as dirt at the base of our water tanks is hardly ever a priority. A flaking paint off the tank’s ceiling, dead insects or algae are some of the common problems that go unnoticed. Once the water is contaminated with bacteria it can be difficult to contain with treatment chemicals and chlorine. Therefore, prevention is definitely better than cure. The overall condition of your water tank can ensure a germ-free water supply and good health for your family.

The Need for Preventive Disinfection & Cleaning of Water Tank

In spite of the modern airtight water tanks, sand and dirt usually find a way to sneak in. Therefore, preventive water tank cleaning and disinfection can be an ideal practice. In a place like Muscat, Oman, bi-annual tank cleaning can help prevent contamination in your water storage systems.

Tips to Maintain Healthy Water Tanks

It is important to conduct regular checks of water tanks and catchment areas. The checklist can include,

  • Exterior and interiors of the water tank
  • Inflow and overflow screens
  • Tank fittings, pipes, Mains switch, pump, etc

If you suspect contamination, it is important to find the services of a reliable tank disinfection service provider in Oman immediately.

Water Tank Repair and Rectification

In spite of using strong materials to manufacture water tanks, leaks and corrosion tend to find a way to damage these storage containers over a period of time some time. Professional tank damage rectification services are available across Oman for effective repair of damaged parts. Water Tank Cleaning & Repair Service providers also offer crack repair and internal re-coating of tanks. These services increase the life of your water storage tanks and can protect the quality of your potable water.

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