Water supply system Flushing & Disinfection

Water supply system

Water supply system Flushing & Disinfection

Cleaning, disinfecting and flushing pipe networks associated with storage tanks are important components of providing safe and clean drinking water to consumers. Hence its equally important to keep the entire supply system clean and free of any physical, chemical or biological contaminants.

The process of flushing and disinfection include loading the entire supply system/ pipelines with desired levels of disinfectant, retaining them in the system for a stipulated time / contact period and then flushing it out from all supply points. Fresh water is then filled into the system or the disinfectant is neutralized to resume supply of safe water.

Experts at Stalwart work in an organized fashion to accomplish the entire task with minimal disruption. As per International Standards it is advisable to disinfect and flush the entire water supply system once a year followed by water quality tests.

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