Water Shed Management

Watershed Management services

Water Shed Management

Watershed management is an adaptive, comprehensive, integrated multi-resource management planning process that seeks to balance healthy ecological, economic, and cultural/social conditions within a watershed. Watershed management serves to integrate planning for land and water. It takes into account both ground and surface water flow, recognizing and planning for the interaction of water, plants, animals and human land use found within the physical boundaries of a watershed.

We offer comprehensive packages for management of ponds, lakes and other natural or artificial water bodies. Our expertise ranges from baseline surveys to long term maintenance contracts, setting up aerators, pest management, Algae control, odour control, fish stocking, water clarity improvement, water quality analyses and all associated services.

We are also experts in the arena of Waste Management. We have in-depth knowledge in the field and can assist potential Clients with strategic information on design and details of Waste Water Treatment Systems with emphasis on recycle and reuse. We have extensive experiance in the field of turnkey projects for Water and Waste Water Treatment, Pumping Stations, Air Pollution Control, Environmental Impact Assesment and Hazardous Waste Management and have jointly executed over 100 projects worldwide with our Associate. We specialize in two main areas, namely, Waste Water Treatment and Solid Waste Treatment.

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