Mould/Fungus Remediation

Mould and Fungus controller

Mold/Fungus Remediation

Mold and Fungus are microscopic plants that grow on various surfaces, most frequently associated with damp, musty places. Mold travels/propagates through the air as tiny spores that make their way into the wet regions of a building, where they breed. When mold is found, it is best to nip it at the bud without delay because it will spread fast. The common health concerns associated with molds include fever like allergic symptoms, respiratory problems, Asthma etc. In addition to the associated health concerns related with Indoor air quality, mold growth inside the building will also adversely affect its aesthetic and commercial value.

Team stalwart is equipped to carryout detailed inspections to identify the root cause of such problems inside the building and consider appropriate curative and preventive treatments.

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